Advances in Enterprise Information Technology Security

In fact, today’s information systems are widely spread and connected over the networks, but also heterogeneous, which involves more complexity. This situation has a dramatic drawback regarding threats, which are now occurring on such networks. Indeed, the drawback of being open and interconnected is that they are more and more vulnerable as a wide range of threats and attacks.

Autori: Djamel Khadraoui & Francine Herrmann


Daugumos šiuolaikinių organizacijų veiklos pagrindas yra darbas su elektroniniais dokumentais. Organizacijoms plečiantis, kartu didėja ir dokumentų skaičius, todėl darosi sunkiau pasiekti, išrinkti ir panaudoti reikiamą informaciją. Su tais pačiais dokumentais dirbant keliems žmonėms, atsiranda keletas dokumento kopijų ir prarandama vis daugiau laiko reikalingos informacijos paieškai. Dėl organizacijos dokumentų valdymo strategijos ir darbo procesų politikos nebuvimo žmogiškieji ištekliai panaudojami neoptimaliai.

Autori: Marijus Bernotas, Marius Žalinauskas

IEEE - Fingerprinting

Fingerprints are an early example of biometrics, the science of identifying individuals by their physical characteristics. There is no clear date at which fingerprinting was first used, some examples being from prehistory.

Autori: Ronald Indeck, Bichlien Hoang

Applications of Biometrics

Passwords are not secure and are useless as an access control… at least that is what many vendors and security consultants try to tell managers today. Instead, these purveyors of change claim that biometrics solves all password issues and improves productivity. While this is partially true, it falls short of reality. Like all controls, whether or not you implement biometrics is a business decision. It is a decision based on data classifications, operating environments, available budget, and opportunity costs. In this chapter, we see how to meet these challenges by understanding the advantages and disadvantages of biometrics in general. We also look at these same characteristics associated with specific types of biometrics solutions; no one solution fits all implementations across businesses or across all operations in a single business.

Autori: Tom Olzak

Technologies for Online Issuing Service of Documents

With the wide spread use of Internet, many government organizations are trying to implement e-government projects to provide on-line service and to improve productivity of public service. Because not all services are performed electronically, however, it is necessary to development technologies for enhancing the convenience of services for citizens by linking online digital documents and offline printed documents. This study investigated technologies and frameworks for issuing online documents such as certificates in e-Government, and examined cases of service to which the technologies and frameworks were applied.

Autori: Jongweon Kim, Kyutae Kim, Jonguk Choi

Two-Dimensional Barcodes for Mobile Phones

There are several potential applications for a high data density barcode that can be easily photographed and decoded by mobile phones, but no such symbology currently exists. As a result, a new barcode was designed to exploit the low-pass characteristic of a camera phone channel and is presented as a means of facilitating wireless optical communication with mobile phones.

Autori: Sarah Lyons

Il riconoscimento biometrico

Breve panoramica dei sistemi di identificazione basati sulle caratteristiche biometriche fisiologiche e comportamentali

Autori: Massimo Giussani

Faculty Perceptions Regarding Authentication of Online Students’ Identities and Academic Dishonesty

This study explored undergraduate teaching faculty’s perceptions regarding using biometric-based technologies to reduce academic dishonesty in online classes. The first objective was to develop a baseline of the respondents’ concerns toward and experience with using biometrics; attitudes, experience, and mitigation strategies used to reduce academic dishonesty in their classrooms; and perceptions toward using current authentication measures to validate students’ online identities.

Autori: Stephanie Renee McMillan

The quantification of dorsal hand features of interest to assist forensic human identification

Traditionally, the identification of offenders from photographic or video evidence through physical features has been via facial characteristics. However, criminals are increasingly ensuring that their face does not appear in physical evidence. This has become particularly problematic within investigations related to paedophilic images transmitted via the Internet, where eye-witness and trace evidence are of limited value, and suspects must be identified via offender/suspect comparison. This has led to a requirement to investigate methods by which an individual may be compared via physical features found in areas of the body other than the face. As seen in recent Court cases, the ability to exclude or include an individual based on the comparison of a small anatomical area such as the thumb or fingers can be vital.

Autori: Briony Macdonald-McMillan

Sistemas Automáticos de Identificação de Impressões Digitais

This work considers the using of fingerprints in automatic identification systems. Initially, presents a summary history and key concepts of biometrics and its applications. It also deals with the characterization of fingerprints, including some techniques used for image enhancement and the steps involved in sorting and identification of a fingerprint. Finally, it discusses the comparison of a fingerprint and an image previously stored.

Autori: Raimundo Cláudio da Silva Vasconcelos

Methods for Improving the Quality of Syllable-Based Speech Synthesis for Indian Languages

State-of-the-art commercial text-to-speech (TTS) systems produce speech by concatenating sound units. These sound units are drawn from a carefully designed database that has units in various prosodic and phonetic contexts. In an earlier work, Tamil and Hindi TTS systems were built using Festival (open-source software). The basic sound units that were used were syllable-like units. The resulting output had a good degree of naturalness. Nevertheless, artifacts caused by discontinuities of parameters such as energy, formant tracks, and pitch, at the syllable joining points, resulted in a quality that was not acceptable in a commercial deployment.

Autori: Venugopalakrishna Y R

Detecting the emotion fear through voice

Due to the vast growing technological developments alternative treatment in the medical world has been increasing. Integrating various disciplines has resulted in a major gain both in research and new treatment methodologies. Furthermore these new technological developments will even increase the demand to find new state of the art methods in solving our daily problems.

Autori: Sitti Latifah Ananda Chaeron

Taxing the Platypygous

This Article maintains that obesity in the United States is an enormous public health issue that causes the health care costs of the obese Americans greatly to exceed those of citizens of normal weight. Recognizing that that much of that cost will be born by publicly financed programs and that the taxes supporting those programs will constitute an externality that the fat impose on the thin, the Article proposes a tax on high calorie food-but only when that food is purchased by the obese. The Article addresses many of the administrative, moral and other objections to a tax aimed at a segment of our society identified by its excessive weight.

Autori: James J. White

Development and Analysis of Speech Emotion Corpus Using Prosodic Features for Cross Linguistics

In daily life communication, spoken language not only carries linguistic information but also conveys nonlinguistic information such as the speaker’s emotions, gender, social status and age, etc. This paper introduces the Emotion-Pak corpus, a multilingual emotional speech database consisting of emotional sentences elicited in provincial languages of Pakistan: Urdu, Sindhi, Balochi, Punjabi and Pashto for observing the speech emotions present in acoustic signals.

Autori: Syed Abbas Ali, Sitwat Zehra, Mohsin Khan and Faisal Wahab

A numerical and analytical study of phonation threshold pressure and experiments with a physical model of the vocal fold mucosa

Phonation is a process of producing speech sounds that begins with vocal fold vibrations. Before the sounds are produced, a stream of air from the lungs passes into the trachea and then into the larynx. The larynx is the principal structure that converts the flow of air from the trachea into a more complicated time-dependent air stream. The vocal folds are the active parts of the larynx that chop the air stream into flow pulses. The vocal folds periodically interrupt the air stream by rapidly opening and closing. Different acoustical properties of vocal tract transform the flow pulses into meaningful speech sounds.

Autori: Chen Liu

Biometric Technologies - Fingerprints

Some biometric techniques are still confined to the laboratory but as research continues and technology improves, these techniques may be developed into practical applications.

Autori: Chris Roberts

Industrial Automated Fingerprint-Based Identification System

Fingerprints recognition is established technique for police agencies. Most of the companies and public organizations are using password or token such as magnetic or smart card based identity management systems.

Autori: Paulius Zubavicius, Antanas Cenys and Lukas Radvilavicius

Fingerprint Recognition

Fingerprints have been using for over a century. It can be used in forensic science to support criminal investigations, biometric systems such as civilian and commercial identification devices for person identification. It is one of the most significant biometric technologies which have drawn a substantial amount of attention recently.

Autori: Bo LIU

La Necesidad de una Legislación para Regular el Uso de la Video Vigilancia en México

El incremento de la violencia y del terrorismo en los últimos años ha creado la necesidad tanto de los gobiernos como de los particulares de tomar medidas de seguridad drásticas con el fin de disminuir y tratar de erradicar dichos fenómenos.

Autori: Karime Lajud Salgado, José Carlos Quiroz Avalos

Logistiikka / merikuljetukset ja satamaoperaatiot

Opinnäytetyön aiheena on 2D-viivakoodin käyttömahdollisuudet elintarviketeollisuudessa. Tarkoituksena oli perehtyä 2D-viivakoodien tekniikkaan, toimintaan ja niiden käyttömahdollisuuksiin elintarviketeollisuudessa. Opinnäytetyö toteutettiin kyselyiden avulla, joita lähetettiin kauppiaille ja elintarvikealalla työskenteleville.

Autori: Jukka Ylinen

Biomeetrilised Autentimisvahendid

Biomeetriline tuvastamine ja selle täpsus on paelunud paljusid inimesi, samuti ka antud töö autorit. Autoril tekkisid esimesed kokkupuuted biomeetriaga paar aastat tagasi viibides puhkusel Ameerika Ühendriikides, kus tuli tutvuda sõrmejälje tuvastusseadmetega, kõigepealt viisa taotlemisel ja samuti ka piiri ületamisel.

Autori: Martin Tuude

Despre Rosistem

Rosistem a dezvoltat şi implementat cu succes o serie de soluţii software pentru companiile ce se confruntă cu dificultăţi în gestionarea activelor, a forţei de vânzări şi de management depozit sau pentru a identifica activele companiei.

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